Brecken Miles Band

  • Brecken Miles Band
Austin's Fuel Room
481 Peterson Rd., Libertyville, IL
Fri April 27, 2018 10:00 pm (9:00 pm DOORS)

Growing up in small town Colgate Wisconsin, music came second nature to Brecken.  His father, a lifelong musician, wanted at least one of his three children to pick up the guitar and play. Brecken recalls showing off his "air guitar" skills as his dad sang along and played to old records like The Eagles, James Taylor, Springsteen and AC/DC.   It wasn’t long before Brecken was inspired to pick up the ol' six-string at just 10 years of age.

Eager to play, he'd come home from school and practice for hours on end. Brecken recalls plenty of nights falling asleep with his electric guitar in hand ("I didn't wanna wake the family while I laid in bed and played"), having bloody fingers, breaking strings and playing way to loud.  He was turned onto country music after attending his first Kenny Chesney concert at Summerfest  in Milwaukee Wi, and has been hooked ever since. For the past five years Brecken had the honor to have been the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the Milwaukee-based band, Bella Cain, playing over 200 shows a year in front of some of the biggest crowds and opening for some of the most notable names in country music. Brecken is excited to release his new song "I'm Good With That".